These Occupations Require a Software Developer Degree

Software Developer Degrees Give Varied Options

There are certain degrees that give you a lot of options in terms of your future career. A Software developer degree is one such program. Software developers work with a variety of programs and they could be hired to change software already in existence or create something new from the ground up. They could also set up or maintain computer networks. If you get a degree in software developer, here are a few job titles to watch for as you start to apply for your next role.

Software Engineer

Engineers play a variety of different roles, depending on how the software in question functions. They might use interfaces for customers to interact with or they could create automated programs just for employees and internet use. Employers of all different types could utilize a person in this position including educational companies, credit unions, publishers, and so on. Many students who get internships while they are going through the degree program often end up with good jobs after they graduate.

Embedded Software Engineer

Businesses have to interact with machines on a daily basis and the software is what keeps them running smoothly. Machines include things like computers, vending machines, ATMs, and so on. The importance goes all the way up to governmental defense systems. Embedded software engineers might create lighting systems, medical imaging programs, and much more.

Software Architect

This position is often in charge of the big picture and focuses on setting up a plan with requirements into something that can be programmed later. The role is taken on in the early stages of software development and requires design and programming experience as well.

Information Systems Manager

Computer systems managers often start as software engineers and advance to a more management-level position through their experience. They are responsible for creating technology plans and overseeing the execution of those plans after planning and design takes place.

Cyber Security Manager

Cyber Security is important in any industry, and cyber security managers have to entrust software with finances, personal correspondence, passwords, and more. They might write security programs or select programs and then educate staff about safety practices to keep the company on the right track. On most days, they write code that will scan for dangerous viruses.

Network Engineer

These professionals create computer networks to connect employees within a company. They can work together, or they can be employed by a company that supervises and maintains networks for a variety of companies.

Video Game Designer

Video games are in high demand, as is the development of new games. Software engineers might test the games and note flaws and issues after the design phase has taken place, so that players don’t experience any technical issues or glitches as they play.

Using The Software Developer Degree

Finding a career path with a software developer degree isn’t hard, it’s more a matter of how each student wants to apply their skills and knowledge on their designated career path.